Time to Embrace the Tennis Legend


The Greatest moment for Novak Djokovic holding the French Open 2016 Trophy


The transformation is complete from being ‘one of the best’ to ‘one of the greatest’, thanks to the French Open victory. The final three games of the last set of the Grand Finale was a proof that he is a mere human, who can succumb to the enormity of the history he was going to rewrite.  It was an emotional moment for all those who has witnessed the game. To me that was one of the best finals Novak has played, purely because of the amount of crowd support he was receiving throughout the match. The chants of “NOLE, NOLE, NOLE!” were a music to the ears.

Yes, there was no Nadal, but for Novak when it comes to Roland Garros, it was always going to be the psychological battle. He is at his peak of his tennis prowess. The only question was, can he hold his nerves to see it through? Boy he did, we are now well and truly into the Djokovic era.

2011 was an annus mirabilis for Djokovic, there were phases in 2012 and 2013 where he was consistent at Grand Slam level but no major achievements to speak of. He is super-consistent in ATP 1000 Masters and World Tour Finals, but that was not enough to be called as Djokovic era after an one-off 2011.


Two of the Greatest of All-Time Djokovic and Federer

To be able to hold all four Grand Slam simultaneously is an incredible achievement in Tennis, which even Federer couldn’t do it. What it implies is that, there is never a term called “weak era” in Professional Tennis. The Belgrade native is nicely on track to achieve Golden slam (Calender slam + Olympics Gold Medal). But then it’s going to take a super-human effort to get there.

He was already one of the best returners of the game with a solid backhand; His baseline game is world class; he was one of the best athletes of the sport, who can stand a 6 hour Grand Slam final tussle. The inclusion of Boris Becker to the team did a world of good for Novak. His net play progressed immensely with a lot of Dropshots and Volleys, all credits goes to Boris.


Coach Boris Becker, Milan Amanovic and Wife Jelena Djokovic

Djokovic often terms Tennis as a “Team sport”, because of the amount of contribution they put in off-court. He often acknowledges the opponent, if he played a good shot. But for some reasons he couldn’t win over the crowd. It was an emotional moment when the French crowd gave a long standing ovation to Novak after he lost the 2015 Finals to Wawrinka. Slowly but surely, he is becoming a crowd favourite which he deserves every bit of them. It is time, we all embrace and celebrate the new Tennis Legend.


The Communication King


Let me begin, by asking the question WHY?. Why I am writing this article? “WHY?” being the ultimate question. I write this article as I believe in the ideology that the great aspiring people have an inspired communication. “Clarity of thought” is the reason behind their exemplary communication. Their thought is simple and inspires belief in the followers’ mind.

My Director of the project I was assigned to, was one of the great inspiring leaders.  He has his way with people that make me work for him, work for myself, which puts the project in the swiftest path towards the success. He knows the nook and corner of the product, with which we are supposed to work. His immense knowledge is more than enough to complete the work. The project gave me a chance not just to learn the work, but HOW TO lead the team, handle the customer, tackle the conundrum, Email etiquette, Professional way of handling the project.

I have always been a fan of good communicator. Our colleagues were in awe of his talismanic communication. If he is not the Director in the Organization, he would have made an outstanding Professor. I sit in a meeting (which happens over the call) with him, to learn how he handles the Internal Project meeting and external client call. There is so much to learn, starting from the Idioms and Vocabulary to the extensive work knowledge. I used to read his emails twice or thrice, to understand how to build a corporate email in the best possible way.

He believes in leading by example. He shows the way, and demonstrates how the task is done. He doesn’t get angry but get disappointed, if a task is not accomplished. That disappointment would show how much he values every team member; hence it makes me work harder to achieve the target. He was the first one to put his hand up to mentor us and helped us learn the work. But I have learnt so much more apart from work, like patience, building a trust, leadership qualities, etc.

Even though he is the senior person of the team, he never shies away from apologizing, if he is wrong. I learnt to be up-front, open and to apologize to customer / anyone, if the mistake is at my end. He is a true leader in every possible way. Personally, I was looking forward to work with him on another Project. But he has moved on to a different company.

So much emphasize been given to process / best practice to complete the task. He would invest his time and patience to instil all those good characters in me. He believed in “touching people’s life” and by helping / motivating them towards success. That makes him precisely WHY he is one of the greatest leader in my Real Life and the Communication King.

Is it Ok Kanmani?

Dulquer Salmaan as Adi and Nithya Menen as Tara for the movie OK Kanmani

Dulquer Salmaan as Adi and Nithya Menen as Tara for the movie OK Kanmani

When a director of a movie turns into a viewers’ most celebrated technician? In my view, a good director sets the trend for the next decade through his movies. Director Mani Ratnam is certainly in that highest category. And OK Kanmani is a trend setting movie. No fictions involved and no commercialization either in this movie. Mani Ratnam here just preluded the culture and dynamism of the generation next.

In 2000 Alaipayuthey (Saathiya in Hindi) of Mani Ratnam was another example, which set the trend for next fifteen years. The love marriages had become part of the norm after this movie. A typical love marriages turned out to be love-cum-arranged marriages. If we go back to past century, another celebrated director Bharathiraja, broke the long standing jinx of inter-community love marriage in one of his movies named Alaigal Oivathillai. These directors are one of the examples absolute legends since they knew the pulse of the people.

Mila Kunis as

Mila Kunis as “Jaime” and Justin Timberlake as “Dylan” in Screen Gems’ FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS.

A Friends with Benefits for Hollywood, a Wake up sid for Bollywood, in the same cadre OK Kanmani is a path breaking movie for the South of India. Until OK Kanmani hit the screens, friends with benefits was considered as a bad word. It might still be a bad word, but OK Kanmani will most likely change this outlook.

One of not so bad thing about OK Kanmani is that it does not advocate Teen Love. A more mature living-together seems more than decent. Adi (Dulquer Salmaan) and Tara (Nithya Menen) are grown-ups, they had prioritized career over the love. There was no room for constraints, hard-feelings, etc. in this relationship. Both of them reflects their mind instead of heart to convince the peers and relatives about the practicality of their relationship.

If X (Female) and Y (Male) have come in terms of living under each other’s care, then Z (Society) has no right to judge or comment on X and Y. I have used Y for Men, since they would be the first one to say “Yes” to the relationship. The numero uno reason and X factor for a lovely relationship is the Kanmani (Dear). So the ultimate question is “Is it Ok Kanmani?”

Let’s Make A Confession For South Africa


Eden Part at Auckland was draining with passion and love for the beautiful game of cricket. One of the most dramatic and equally the most pain-inflicting match for South Africa. Grant Elliott ripped the hearts into pieces of South Africans. Even the most audacious fans of New Zealand would have felt sorry for South Africa after looking at the post-match scenes. No South African left the stadium with tears at the corner of his/her eye.

McCullum captained the side as aggressively as he bats at the top of the order. He kept attacking the SA pretty much all through the day with his daring captaincy and later with the bat. Having four slips and a gully when Boult was bowling, is the best example of his mind-set as a captain.


We can almost sense it with NZ that they were enjoying the contest more than SA did. South Africa tried too harder not to lose another semi-final was evident, they panicked, fumbled, dropped, which we normally don’t relate it with South Africa, if they were playing a bilateral series.

Rain is the biggest enemy, that SA can never defeat. It was a poorly timed one, when SA was all set to put up a daunting first innings score and a swashbuckling finish to the de Villers’ innings.

De Villers accepted the South Africa’s problems with the knock-out matches. He promised that they won’t choke this time around. And they didn’t, he kept his promise and pummeled Sri Lanka with the biggest ever margin for a knock out match in the history of the sport. But New Zealand in New Zealand is quite a handful side with plenty of belief and form in their side. SA had most things covered, a batting talisman, Premium fast bowler, an attacking leggie. In the end, the fortune favored the bravery of McCullum.

Let all the cricket fans make a confession for South Africa team that we never, ever use the word Chokers. They deserve a plenty of respect and the coveted price of Cricket World Cup.

The 22 Feet Deep Hole


Why the no.22? Certainly, it’s not about the depth. He is 22 year old, not quite the man. The feet here is to symbolize his low feeling. It is quite disheartening for a man to be alone at this stage. It is just that sort of age where he cannot share all his thought process to his parents. The obvious generation gap is a huge factor. More than the age, it’s the difference in thought process makes it harder.

Who would be the ideal foil then? The girl of his age would have been the perfect for each other. More than the same gender, the opposite sex bring fresh thoughts and ideology to an otherwise monotonous machine life. The Friends are good and fun to be with. But the girl with modern thoughts is indeed the ideal company. The 21-plus, is not even close to an adolescent age. So, the relationship at this stage in particular, would be mature and well-aware of pros and cons of being with the companion from an opposite gender.


Great, then why he is not approaching the girl? The 22nd feet also points out that he has spent 22 valentines’ days in his special hole, where he has defined the art of being single.

How to climb out of this hole? He is on his own inside the darkest and one of the most exorbitant mess. The mere friend who happens to be a ‘missy’ will not be enough. Because a friendship has its own constraints and ideals.

He is for sure not looking for “free sex”. The intimacy of a relationship exhibits positive vibe that will help him not just to come out of the muddled state of mind but also soars his spirits to new heights. This day and age relationship builds the class of a good society and makes the world a better place to live in.

India Votes 2014


The biggest democratic nation decides its future PM through a free and fair election. It is a carnival here in India. The process prolong for more than a month starting from first phase of poll from April 7 to May 16 the counting day. The day of reckoning is around the corner which will see a formation of new government. The opinion polls so far shows the biggest defeat for the ruling Congress party.

One part of the nation has finished polling while the other part is standing in the queue for casting their vote, in some part the candidate has only filed his nomination. Election Commission must be going through a tough time managing and coordinating the election process.

The theme of the speech in public gatherings delivered by the leaders of each party  revolves around, attacking the ruling party, hate speeches, or the ruling party points out its famous bills passed and attack the leader of opposition. Neither the ruling party nor the opposition parties have a constructive plan for developing the country. The people will be opting the new government not based on the constructive plans that particular party possess but because of the hope and expectation that some change will happen.

Out of the blue, this country is not going to see drastic growth. For a steady development a party must have developmental strategies. But conversely, the propaganda centered on the freebies and scathing attack on political rivals. The provocative talks of party heads will only kindle the communal war.


The educational status of the candidate, scams involved by each of them is not going to excite the youngsters to turn up on the voting day. Increasing hopelessness towards the democracy is evident. Even if they cast their votes, the choice is based on the cash, promises and keeping in mind about their constituency not the Government formed at the center.

It is time that the parties realize there is need for change in their approach towards election and voting. And the voters must encourage parties with feasible plans for the development not based on their ideologies they follow which has passed its sell-by date.




The Dirty Little Secrets


The World in itself a dramatic stage. For our own survival and to thrive among the changing trends of modern world, the secret weapon we feel is to bury the truth. Almost everyone has the darker side of their own. Often we don’t share those dirty little secrets even with our close buddies. It’s tough, the survival in itself a tough art. It gets even harder to maintain those secrets

We can find them act normally and mingle with the group eloquently. But the de facto is, nobody is perfect. It all start from the adolescence. A kid is not always open to his/her mother. He/she never tell completely what happened at the school. College day’s are even worse, the gap is just too far to build a bridge. An associate is not true to his/her boss. We find reasons to bury the laziness and inability to complete the task in stipulated time

Even the leader of the nation is not true to his voters. The manifesto created by the party is totally different from what he does during his tenure as a leader of the nation. The empty promises, so-called development schemes welfare programs so on and so forth are a meager eye-wash to attract the naïve voters. So, the whole nation right from its first citizen to the last bury the secrets at different levels. The intensity of a prevarication and dirtiness of the secret does vary from one person to another. In spite of its ill effects and negative impact would create, when the truth found its share of limelight, we all use it to escape for a time being. Not worrying about the disaster caused by a lie or even the fear of getting caught.


Sometimes the lie is a blessing. A captain of a crew would be over optimistic about averting a calamity by saying this task is not impossible. He hides the degree of danger and supply with a false hope to push his crew to focus on the job in hand. A mom will say to her kid that “Everything is just fine, it’s all taken care of”. It is clearly a lie, but she actually does not want her kid to worry about the family and lose focus on education. A boy would say to his girlfriend that “You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me”. It may be a fake but it is for a good cause to show her that she is important for him. The lies and fakes look beautiful at times.

We have to admit that some secrets are best kept buried in the woods, because those would create a bad impression about a person. He might have done that blunder under a difficult situation. Those are the blunders or the accidents we wish to sweep under the carpet. The secrets certainly gives a chance to run the life with a clean slate. Everything should be under the limit, once we overdo it naturally it becomes a habit and good people around us would desert forever. Life is a tough journey, let’s fill the path with renewed hope and truth to reach the happy ending!